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Contoh salah satu kemajuan zaman khususnya di bidang komunikasi yaitu ditemukannya Televisi tv online streaming yang bisa diakses melalui smartphone, komputer ataupun laptop. . Dengan Tv kita bisa mendapatkan informasi informasi baik dari dalam negeri maupun luar negeri.Akan tetapi jika kita merenung sejenak,dan mengingat masa lalu yang susah melakukan apapun apalagi menonton Tv dengan santai,karena pada zaman dahulu sangat sulit mendapatkan informasi.Jika kita ingin tau kejadian kejadian yang sedang melanda,kita hanya bisa mendapatkannya lewat Radio saja dan itupun hanya sedikit orang yang mempunyainya.

The times continues to evolve, both in technology or other fields. On the other hand because of the very great want to know of us making one of the factors that drive this time of evolving and growing. An example of one of the advances, especially in the field of communication, namely the discovery of television (TV) which streaming bein sports can be accessed via smartphone, computer or laptop. With tv we can get information from both domestic and abroad. But if we reflect for a moment, and remembering the past is hard to do anything let alone watching Tv, because in ancient times was very difficult to get information.

If we want to know the incidence of events that are being hit, we can only get it by Radio only and that too few people have it. As we said above, with the Tv we can know us the happenings, events, disasters, until the football schedule . Because we want to share everything but we're just ordinary people so our presence here merely to provide information in particular on the football field only. Welcome to watch.